Lead + Electroplating Accessories

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In addition to our large selection of anodes for your electroplating, we also offer you an extensive range of electroplating accessories of the highest quality. Our products have been specially developed to optimise and improve your electroplating processes. From titanium anode baskets and anode holders to lead anodes, filter cartridges and anode bags – we have everything you need for efficient and reliable electroplating. Our high-quality products guarantee maximum performance of your system and are designed to meet your individual requirements.

Discover our range of accessories for your electroplating system today.

Lead-alloyed anodes in various designs, ideal for chrome plating, with dense and uniform material, optimum current transfer and high durability. Available with or without copper contacts and insulated connections. Offered in various alloys such as lead/tin and lead/antimony, including lead strip, solid and hollow round anodes, flat anodes, anodes with copper hooks and plastisol coating. Customised to customer specifications for individual requirements.

Lead Anodes

Our lead-alloyed anodes are characterised by their dense and uniform material and are ideal for chrome plating. The careful manufacture of the connections between copper contacts and support cores to the lead body ensures optimum current transfer and excellent durability. The anodes are available both with and without copper contacts, and the connections can also be supplied in an insulated version.

We offer a wide range of lead anodes in different alloys, such as lead/tin and lead/antimony. We manufacture our chrome bath anodes to customer specifications to meet your individual requirements. Our range includes:

▪︎ Lead strip

▪︎ Round anodes made from solid material

▪︎ Round anodes with hollow body

▪︎ Flat anodes

▪︎ Anodes with copper hooks

▪︎ Anodes with plastisol coating

Benefit from our high-quality products for your chrome plating applications.

Titanium anode baskets for the electroplating industry, ideal for bulk anodes such as nickel squares, nickel rounds, copper clippings and more. Versatile dimensions, customisation with bespoke hangers and hooks. Possibility of matching anode bags.

Anode Baskets

Our Titanium Anode Baskets are used in the electroplating industry for various applications, especially in nickel and copper baths. These high-quality baskets are ideal for our bulk anodes such as nickel squares, nickel rounds, copper clippings and many more.

Product details:

▪︎ Versatile dimensions: Available in rectangular, oblong and round designs, made to customer drawing or sketch.

▪︎ Customisation: Fitted with bespoke hangers and hooks to meet your specific requirements.

▪︎ We can also offer you matching anode bags

Contact us to find out more about our customised titanium baskets and how they can optimise your electroplating processes.

Anode bags for various anode types such as bulk anodes (nickel squares, copper squares, tin pellets), plate anodes (nickel cathodes, copper cathodes) and billet anodes (zinc billets, tin billets). Standard dimensions or customised according to the dimensions of your anodes. Various material options available to meet specific requirements and electrolytes.

Anode Bags

Our Anode Bags provide reliable protection for all types of anodes, be it baskets for bulk anodes such as nickel squares, copper squares, tin pellets or plate anodes such as nickel cathodes and copper cathodes or billet anodes such as zinc billets and tin bars and are available in standard dimensions or are manufactured to the exact dimensions of your anodes. We offer various material options to meet your specific requirements and electrolytes.

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Anode holders for plate anodes and billet anodes, provide secure positioning and stabilisation, ensure even current distribution and optimum performance. Various types available: Titanium with screw connection, copper hooks, titanium hooks, cast-on tin hooks, anode holders with plastisol coating, threaded anode hooks.

Anode Holders

Our Anode Holders for plate anodes and billet anodes offer a reliable solution for the safe positioning and stabilisation of your anodes in electroplating processes. Thanks to their robust design and precise alignment, they ensure even current distribution and optimum performance.

We offer a wide range of anode holders:

Titanium anode holders with screw connection

Copper hooks

Titanium hooks

Cast-on tin hooks

Anode holder with plastisol coating

Anode hooks with thread for screwing into billets made of various materials

Contact us to find a customised solution for your application.

Various types of filter cartridges for electroplating baths: filter wound cartridges, activated carbon cartridges and foamed cartridges. Optimised for the filtration of copper sulphate, nickel sulphate and other electrolytes. Available in commercially available sizes and filter finenesses. Versatile and made of polypropylene (PP) or cotton, they offer effective filtration and high resistance to chemicals.

Filter Cartridges

Our Filter Cartridges offer an effective solution for the filtration of electroplating baths, whether based on copper sulphate, nickel sulphate or other electrolytes. We offer different types of filter cartridges, each optimised for specific requirements:

Filter wound cartridges: For filtering particles and solids in electroplating baths. Available in commercially available sizes and filter finenesses.

Activated carbon cartridges: For adsorbing organic impurities and improving the water quality in electroplating baths.

Foamed cartridges: Made from polypropylene (PP) or cotton, they provide efficient filtration while offering high resistance to the chemicals in the electrolytes.

Our filter cartridges made of polypropylene (PP) or cotton are versatile and available in standard sizes and filter finenesses, suitable for different requirements and system sizes.