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Anodes and cathodes made of high-purity nickel for various industries, primarily electroplating. Selection of nickel products such as nickel squares, cathodes, pellets, rounds and crowns from manufacturers such as Vale, Glencore and Eramet. Possibility of customised production of anode plates.
Copper anodes and cathodes for electrolytic copper plating in various forms such as anode plates, cathodes, squares, clippings and billets. Available in electrolytic copper (EL) for cyanide-based baths and phosphoric copper (PH) for sulphuric acid baths, customised and drilled.
Wide selection of tin anodes for various electroplating applications: Tin pellets, tin balls, tin plates and tin billets. At least 99.9% tin content, also available as a low lead variant with less than 50 ppm lead content. Perfect for tin baths based on tin sulphate or other galvanic processes.
High-quality zinc anodes with 99.995% purity for electroplating applications: oval-shaped billet anodes, cast or rolled fine zinc plates, zinc spheres in 50 mm diameter, and zinc pellets as bulk material. Customised anode plates with holes available.
Product range of silver granules, silver plates with 99.99% purity, silver cyanide in powder form with 80.5% silver content and potassium silver cyanide in powder form with 54.2% silver content.
Brass anodes for decorative and functional coatings in the form of brass plates and brass clippings made of 63/37 copper/zinc alloy. Available in standard and customised sizes, with a purity of over 99.9%. Clippings recommended for titanium baskets and anode bags.
Extensive range of electroplating accessories of the highest quality, including titanium anode baskets, anode holders, lead anodes, filter cartridges and anode bags, developed to optimise and improve electroplating processes.
In-house production offers contract work: Metal plate cutting, metal drilling and packaging of small metal parts such as nuts and bolts.